Corporate Wellness Massage


An opportunity to show gratitude to the team of people who commit to bringing ideas and goals to life.
CB Bodywork provides comfortable and restorative on-site table massage.

Your team will feel cared for and their appreciation will increase.

We are so pleased to announce our Corporate Wellness massage program in Miami.

Wellness is a lifestyle and including it in the workplace ensures the goal of wellness is reached.

Our wellness program is a restorative on-site table massage. This allows for a more comfortable experience for you.
Our flexible program ranges from committed weekly or monthly program to the occasional special event

Best of all CB Bodywork is reliable, committed and always excited to meet new people and see amazing workspaces!

Feel free to email, text/call us directly to bring us to your workplace

Studio: (786) 505-6474


We have over 10 years of professional clinical bodywork experience and we strive to create the following: A happier, healthier and centered work environment.


In a competitive marketplace, a wellness program can attract, retain employees and improve productivity.

This is why more of the country's top employers realize the benefits of providing employees with an on-site massage therapy program. This is a low-cost solution which offers high gains for both the employer and employee.

Companies who implement massage therapy programs for their employees notice an instant boost in employee morale.



Table massage can be provided in a private room within your company. Your employee will enjoy a comfortable therapeutic massage. Each person will enjoy 20 mins of massage in their day to reduce stress, address any physical discomfort to allow for a more focused, calm, centered work environment

1) Head, neck and shoulder
2) Soothing hands and feet massage 3) Upper back or 4) Lower back

$95 per hour